When you sent your last parcel or order out with your logistics company did you leave a review? No?

That’s something that needs to change with your next delivery. By leaving feedback about the quality of courier services you can help yourself and others get the best value of the money being paid for delivering items from one location to another.

Reviews help consumers like yourself make informed decisions about whether to use a service or buy  a product or not. It also helps the logistics company gauge the level of service being offered, deal timely with issues as regards delivery and fine tune their operations in a way that will ultimately make delivery of your package fast and seamless.

Also by leaving a review, you are developing a relationship that will go a long way to serve you and your business in the future.

When leaving reviews and giving feedback it is important to..

  1. Be honest with yourself & leave relevant comments regarding your order.
  2. Make sure you leave a star rating for your courier.
  3. Highlight what went right and wrong about your delivery and possible suggestions on how to make things better
  4. Don’t copy or reuse reviews from other users
  5. Deliver compliments when quality service is offered
  6. Don’t rant on social media or be overly emotional if your delivery has some issue

Remember that customers  love being able to read up on what other people thought about a service they are not familiar with before they use the same service.

Also, you want to be able to book a courier service with the knowledge that the service they you’re  booking is quality and will ensure any package you send will arrive both promptly and safely. So when next you use a delivery service, leave a review.